Container Spreaders & Lifting Equipment

  • No other container spreaders manufacturer has such a far-reaching history as the Stinis Group
  • Stinis Long-Twin®
  • YouTube videos about Ports in which you can see the Stinis Long-Twin® in action
  • Stinis Split-Headblock®
  • Modular Design
  • Telescoping times
  • Hydraulic telescoping beam locking device
  • Flippers and Actuators
  • Stinis Split-Headblock

    Stinis Split-Headblock

  • Available phased approach
  • Proven workable solution
  • Equipped with Automatic spreader recognition
  • Quick and automatic change from tandem to single and back
  • Most comprehensive movements
  • Less and shorter wire ropes than with double hoisting
  • Equipped with smart software and mechanical safety features to reduce the chance of getting stuck in the cell of a ship to a minimum
  • Ship to Shore Container Spreaders

    Ship to Shore Container Spreaders

  • Very short telescoping times
  • Hydraulic telescoping beam locking device
  • Over-dimensioned flippers and actuators
  • Industry leading low downtime and repair / maintenance costs
  • Mobile Harbour Crane Spreader

    Mobile Harbour Crane Container Spreaders

  • Based on our proven and strong Ship to Shore Crane spreader design
  • Equipped with Stinis double-collar® twistlocks for double lifetime and safer operations
  • Single telescopic beam design (versus double beam) eliminates the need for maintenance staff to climb in the spreader construction (dangerous!)
  • Tested and certified in the presence of Lloyds at 150% of the safe working load
  • yard-crane-container-spreader

    Yard Crane Telescopic Container Spreaders

  • Stinis is Pioneer in fully electric Yard Crane Telescopic Container Spreaders
  • Based on our strong and long lasting modular Spreader design for Straddle Carriers
  • Proven track record under various large Yard Crane suppliers
  • Telescopic drive belt instead of chain to reduce noise, weight and maintenance
  • Equipped with Stinis double-collar® twistlocks for double lifetime and safer operations
  • Straddle Carrier Container Spreaders

    Straddle Carrier Container Spreaders

  • Impressive track record in the straddle carrier spreader market
  • Can easily be adapted to customer’s specific needs
  • Complete range from single-lift to twin-lift and Long-Twin® spreaders, for containers ranging from 20ft to 45ft
  • The design is known for its high-productivity, its low maintenance costs and long life-time
  • Automatically operated (Autotwist®)

    Autotwist Spreaders and Manual Spreaders for Containers

  • Stinis Autotwist spreaders are a modified version of the semi-automatic spreader, and were introduced in 1989
  • Extremely successful for container handling on conventional ships, luffing harbour cranes and shipboard cranes
  • Also used under mobile harbour cranes
  • Unique because of its gravity level locking principle
  • Advantageous is that this mechanically operated spreader does not require electric wiring
  • Overheight Frame

    Overheight Frame

  • Fully automatic overweight frame
  • Equipped with a safe twistlock mechanism which is unique in the industry
  • The LED lamps mounted in well chosen positions provide clear-cut information to the crane driver
  • We supply the full range of electrically operated overheight frames from fixed 20ft or 40ft to telescoping from 20ft to 45ft
  • safetyattachments

    Spreader Attachments

  • Rescue and maintenance platforms
  • Safety lashing gearrack
  • Multi purpose safety platforms
  • sparepartsandservices

    Spare Parts and Services

    Spreader parts range from standard to non-standard Especially the later category makes instant delivery a must. Therefore, we have spare parts depots available all over the world located on strategic locations. For spare parts inquiries, […]

    Official dealer of FRAM Alloy Steel

    FRAM Alloy Steel

    In the eighteenth century, the shipping industry discovered the benefits of using iron wires to lift their cargo. Being strategically located near the harbour of Rotterdam, Stinis became actively involved in the development, fabrication, certification and servicing of chains, hooks and accessories. Since 1966, we have become an official dealer of FRAM Alloy Steel, Norway.



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