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No other container spreaders manufacturer has such a far-reaching history as the Stinis Group.

Container Spreaders Lifting Equipment

With the Research and Development department in The Netherlands, and manufacturing plants in the Netherlands and Malaysia, we have developed and produced over 50 different types of lifting equipment. After more than 170 years, the black smith company of Arie Stinis has become a true global player and a specialist in designing, manufacturing and servicing a wide range of container spreaders and special custom built handling gears of the highest quality.

Stinis® has been the trendsetter in the container handling business for several decades. When the first containers were being shipped between Europe and America in 1967, we sold our first container spreader. Two decades later, a fully automated container spreader, the Stinis Autotwist®, was introduced. Several thousands of this spreader are in operation all over the world, while hundreds are still being produced and sold on a yearly basis.

Stinis Autotwist®


Stinis Autotwist® spreaders are a modified version of the semi-automatic spreader, and were introduced in 1989. Ever since, the Autotwist spreader has proven to be extremely successful for container handling on conventional ships, luffing harbour cranes and shipboard cranes. They are also used under mobile harbour cranes, and as spare (back-up) spreaders.

Stinis Long-Twin®


In 1996, we launched the Long-Twin® into the market. The very simple and robust design, for which Stinis holds the worldwide patent, has drastically changed the logistics of terminal operations. This spreader concept, which has become the industry standard, ensures a smooth operation for the separating Twin-Lift part under quay cranes, yard cranes and straddle carriers.

Stinis Split-Headblock®


The most recent innovative breakthrough in the container handling business is the Stinis Split-Headblock®. The Stinis Split-Headblock® can be equipped with two Long-Twin® spreaders, and thereby either lift one 20ft, 30ft, 40ft or 45ft container, two 20ft, 30ft, 40ft or 45ft containers side by side, one 40ft and two 20ft containers, or four 20ft containers.

Spreader Features

All Spreaders have a Modular Design


Our spreaders have a modular design and only first class standard components that are available world-wide are used. This guarantees the availability of these components and also the interchange ability between the different types of Stinis spreaders.

Fast Telescoping System


Very short telescoping times viz. only 15 seconds from 20 ft to 40 ft and only 5 – 6 seconds from 40 ft to 45 ft. The unique design of a dual steel belt covered with industrial rubber (including a slow start / stop system) ensures simultaneous telescoping and has proven its reliability in more than 1.500 spreaders that are in operation worldwide.

Hydraulic telescoping beam locking device


The design of the hydraulic telescoping beam locking device, that guarantees telescoping to the exact positions, has successfully been incorporated in more than 2.000 spreaders that are in operation under a broad variety of conditions worldwide.

Automatic greasing system


The automatic greasing system (standard on STS spreaders and optional on other types) has been installed on more than 2.000 spreaders. It has proven to reduce the downtime, as well as the maintenance cost and at the same time increasing the spreader reliability.

Flippers and Actuators


Our very powerful, over-dimensioned flippers and actuators were introduced in 1979. The feedback from the terminals is that they are robust, reliable and that they have improved the productivity of their operations by 5 to 15 %. At the same time the downtime and repair / maintenance costs have been reduced.

Double collar ISO twistlocks


Our floating double collar ISO twistlocks (Patent pending) have a new model “nut”, which increases the lifetime significantly. The present life time is more than 400,000 moves for RTG / RMG application and more than 200,000 moves for twistlocks in the end beams under high speed Ship-to-Shore cranes.

Active Shock-Absorbing


The optional Stinis Active Shock-Absorbing System (Patent pending) reduces the noise, when the spreader lands on a container AND during the lifting hereof. Additionally the impact on the spreader during landing is decreased by almost 50%. The system can be switched on and off.

Electronics and Interfaces


Our spreaders are equipped with a Display in the main E-box for quick problem solving without having to plug in a portable computer. Communication between the spreader and the crane has been upgraded to STICAN, a high performance open CAN communication developed by Stinis.