Container Spreaders & Lifting Equipment

No other container spreaders manufacturer has such a far-reaching history as the Stinis Group. With the Research and Development department in The Netherlands, and manufacturing plants in the Netherlands and Singapore, we have developed and […]

Stinis Split-Headblock

Stinis Split-Headblock

5 years in operation The Stinis Split-Headblock® is the most recent innovative breakthrough in the container handling business. It can be equipped with two Spreaders (any brand), and thereby lift up to four 20’ containers, […]

Ship to Shore Container Spreaders

Ship to Shore Container Spreaders

High-productivity, low maintenance costs and long life-time = Stinis Ship to Shore Container Spreaders Due to close cooperation with crane manufacturers, terminal operators, and the continuous urge to excel our customers’ expectations, we have developed […]

Mobile Harbour Crane Spreader

Mobile Harbour Crane Container Spreaders

Telescopic container spreaders for Mobile Harbour cranes Stinis offers the full range of Spreaders for Mobile Harbour crane application, including manual, semi and fully automatic telescopic spreaders for container sizes ranging from 10’ to 45’ […]


Yard Crane Telescopic Container Spreaders

Stinis has developed a modular spreader design for yard application that can easily be adapted to your needs. We supply the complete range of both hydraulic and electric yard crane spreaders, ranging from single-lift to twin-lift and Long-Twin® spreaders for containers ranging from 20ft to 45ft. These spreaders can be used under Rail Mounted Gantry Cranes, Rubber Tired Gantry Cranes, as well as under (Automatic) Stacking Cranes.

Straddle Carrier Container Spreaders

Straddle Carrier Container Spreaders

“A straddle carrier is a non road going vehicle for use in port terminals and intermodal yards used for stacking and moving ISO standard containers. Straddles pick and carry containers while straddling their load and […]

Automatically operated (Autotwist®)

Autotwist Spreaders and Manual Spreaders for Containers

Automatically operated (Autotwist Spreaders) Stinis Autotwist spreaders are a modified version of the semi-automatic spreader, and were introduced in 1989. Ever since, the Autotwist spreader has proven to be extremely successful for container handling on […]

Overheight Frame

Overheight Frame

The newly developed electrical overheight frame is the successor of the Stinis mechanical overheight frame, and was introduced in 2004. After 1 year of extensive testing, this product was officially launched into the market. Ever […]


Spreader Attachments

Rescue and maintenance platforms Early 1990, we developed a rescue and maintenance platform to rescue persons from container vessels and straddle carriers in case of emergency. The platform for straddle carriers is multi-functional since it […]

Official dealer of FRAM Alloy Steel

Official dealer of FRAM Alloy Steel

Chains, slings, hooks and accessories In the eighteenth century, the shipping industry discovered the benefits of using iron wires to lift their cargo. Being strategically located near the harbour of Rotterdam, Stinis became actively involved […]


Spare Parts and Services

Spare Parts and Services Spreader parts range from standard to non-standard. Especially the later category makes instant delivery a must. Therefore, we have spare parts depots available all over the world located on strategic locations. […]



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